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Just Cause Mobile : Multiplayer Free to Play Action Shooter Game by Square Enix

Just Cause Mobile: Multiplayer Free to Play Action Shooter Game by Square Enix Group

Just Cause Mobile: is an action-shooter set in the explosive Just Cause universe and designed exclusively for mobile. Action-packed story campaign, 30 people competitive multiplayer, 4 player Co-Op missions - Just Cause®: Mobile has all of this and more!
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd

What Is Just Cause Mobile?

Just Cause Mobile: is a free-to-play action shooter set in the Just Cause universe featuring explosive single-player and multiplayer co-op and PVP gameplay.

Just Cause Mobile: Free to Play on Mobile

Just Cause Mobile: is entirely free to play with four distinct game modes, high-quality 3D graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4, responsive touch controls, a unique movement system (parachute, wingsuit, grapple), voice chat, and high action gameplay at your fingertips!

When will Just Cause Mobile be released?

Just Cause Mobile: is coming to iOS and Android in 2021.

Is Just Cause a mobile-only series going forward?

We are committed to the Just Cause franchise. Our current plans do not involve making the series mobile only.
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd

Is Just Cause: Mobile being developed by Avalanche Studios?

Just Cause: Mobile is not developed by Avalanche Studios, it is being developed by a new team led by Square Enix.

Will the game feature in-app purchases?

Yes, there will be opportunities for players to acquire items in-game. We’ll share more details about in-app purchases in the coming months on the dedicated Just Cause: Mobile social channels.

Is Just Cause: Mobile a port of one of the console/PC games?

Just Cause: Mobile is not a port - it features all-new action shooter gameplay from an isometric perspective. It features many of the Just Cause series' trademark features, such as iconic features of Just Cause such as the grapple, the parachute, and explosive action in an open-world environment. It also boasts several game modes and features that are new to the series, such as online multiplayer so you can play co-op or PVP with your friends. And now you can play on the go for the first time!
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd

Is Just Cause: Mobile a sequel to Just Cause 4?

Just Cause Mobile is a brand new story told from a different point of view with reimagined gameplay created specifically for mobile. Although the narrative ties in the main franchise installments, Just Cause: Mobile is not intended as a direct sequel to Just Cause 4.

Can you play as Rico in Just Cause: Mobile?

Just Cause Mobile players will create their own custom character as the protagonist. You will be able to customize your character’s appearance, as well as choose the armor and gear that fits your personal play style and aesthetic preferences.

Are you working on a new Just Cause game for PC and console?

While we understand fans are eager for a new Just Cause console/PC release, we have nothing to confirm at this time. However, we remain as committed as ever to the future of the franchise and to our fans.

Will you continue to update the existing Just Cause social channels?

Yes, the Just Cause brand channels will continue to celebrate the Just Cause franchise and its players with Community Content Friday, fun posts, game info, and announcements. We will also cross-post selected updates about Just Cause Mobile – but if you want to see all those announcements, we recommend you follow the dedicated Just Cause: Mobile social channels.

Why did the mobile game get multiplayer before the PC/console games?

We are aware that there has been a strong desire within the Just Cause community to be able to play online with friends. The previous Just Cause PC and console titles were built from the ground up to be action-packed and satisfying single-player experiences. Just Cause Mobile, on the other hand, is our first opportunity to provide a multiplayer Just Cause experience. Its systems and game modes were designed to provide an action-packed and exhilarating online experience for you to enjoy with friends.
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd
Just Cause Mobile - Digital Msmd

Where can I find out more about Just Cause: Mobile?

By signing up for the mailing list on this website, you will be registered as a New Recruit. We will keep you updated so you can be sure you’re among the first to know when pre-registrations go live. We also recommend you follow our brand new Just Cause: Mobile social channels, where we will be sharing information about the game until its release in 2021. Twitter: https://Twitter.com/JustCauseMobile Facebook: https://Facebook.com/JustCauseMobile

Does Just Cause Mobile is like PUBG?

No, it's not like PUBG Players Unkown Battle Royal Mobile Game. But some features are similar to PUBG Mobile

Does Just Cause Mobile is Free or Paid?

Just Cause Mobile is free to Play on Mobile you don't need to pay for play but some feature can be paid that could be purchase for playing them

Just Cause Mobile Trailer


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